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Most of the cosmetic products which are available in the market contain collagen as a key ingredient to enhance the facial glow of the users. Collagen, especially Type 1 collagen, is abundantly found in human body. It is a type of beneficial protein found in tendons, digestive system, blood vessels, bones, skin and muscles. Elasticity and strength are provided to the body by this protein. Dead skin cells are also replaced with the new cells by collagen. It acts as a glue to hold the body parts together, especially the joints and tendons. Collagen benefits the internal health along with the external glow.

With age, the rate of collagen production in the body slows down. The signs of aging like sagging skin, joint pains and wrinkles indicate this degenerative process. Collagen levels in the body can also be depleted by smoking, eating sugar containing diet and excessive exposure to sunlight. Collagen related diseases are mainly caused due to genetic defects, digestive problems, nutritional deficiencies and poor intake of collagen diet.

Types of collagen

  • Type 1

This collagen is found abundantly in human body. It is the strongest collagen that helps a human body in different ways. Parts of the body such as skin, organs, ligaments and tendons are formed by eosinophilic fibers, which in turn are used to make collagen. Bones are formed with the help of collagen. It is mostly found in the GI tract. Wounds can be healed, elasticity and smoothness to the skin are provided and tissues are held together by collagen.

  • Type 2

Cartilage is primarily built by Type 2 collagen. It is mostly found in the connective tissues. Cartilage which is made up of Type 2 collagen decides the health of joints. Age-associated joint pains and many other arthritis symptoms can be prevented by the help of Type 2 collagen.

  • Type 3

Body organs and skin are made up of reticular fibres and are an important component of the extracellular matrix, which in turn make Type 3 collagen in human body. It is mostly found with Type 1 collagen. Skin is given firmness and elasticity by this type of collagen. Blood vessels and tissues are formed within the heart by Type 3 collagen. Rupturing of blood vessels and risk of early death can be caused due to the lack of Type 3 collagen.

  • Type 4

Basal lamina and tissues around fat, muscles and organs are formed by Type 4 collagen. It is mostly found in endothelial cells. Basal lamina is required for the functioning of different nerves and blood vessels. Majority of the digestive organs and respiratory surfaces are lined by this type of collagen. Basal lamina is found between the topmost and innermost layer of the skin.

  • Type 5

Surface of cells, hair strands and tissues in the placenta of women are made by Type 5 collagen. Placenta is the organ which is developed in the uterus of the women at the time of pregnancy.

  • Type 10

Articular cartilage and new bones are formed by Type 10 collagen. Bone fracture can be healed and synovial joints can be repaired by Type 10 collagen.

Thus, these are some of the kinds of collagen which have immense benefits in the human body.

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