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Paediatric CPD ProgramThe Online Paediatric CPD Program consists of a series of interactive e-books and videos. It is an easy to use online series having over 130 videos which are carefully designed to effectively cover all topics involving the chiropractic practice of a paediatric patient.

What does it consist of?

The program is contrived in such a way to ensure chiropractors in private practice experience enhanced child competencies, also attracting more patients to chiropractic. The modules for the Online Chiropractic Paediatric CPD Program are as listed below:

  • The Initial Consultation.
  • Cranial Assessment and Adjustment of the Child.
  • Spinal Adjustment of the Child.
  • Management of Common Childhood Conditions.
  • The Paediatric Special Appointment.
  • The Evidence Based Family Wellness Practice.

The Online Paediatric CPD Program helps improve your competence and confidence in the management of your paediatric patient. The ideas, thoughts concepts of this program can be seamlessly implemented into your paediatric practice.

CPD Hours

The Online Paediatric CPD Program is approved in Australia along with countries such as South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Europe and the U.K. Undertaking this program can earn you formal CPD hours for many years to come. If you choose to answer the questions at the end of each module it can help you earn a total of 85 Formal Learning Hours. However, you should be aware of the fact that answering the multiple-choice questions is at your discretion. You may prefer progressing through the program without taking these quizzes. It has been set up in such a way that chiropractors can accrue all the CPD hours they require by taking these assessments and thus improve adjustment and management skills with their paediatric patient.

Unlimited Access

All the videos available in the program along with the e-books can be viewed as many number of times. The program ensures that a particular module is accessible for 12 months once you have registered for it. By this feature you can review the information provided in any of the modules as many times you feel the need to. After the initial stipulated time period of 12 months, you can continue accessing the module by re-registering for a specified period of time. They also provide a ‘special offer’ in which you are given access to all of the five modules along with the bonus module for a period of two years.

Certificate of Completion

The online program offered at Chiropractic Continuing Education enables you to complete all your requirements at your own preferred pace. After completion of each module, you can answer the multiple-choice questions that will earn you a certificate stating the successful completion of that particular module. You will also receive your continuing education credits (CPD points).

The Online Chiropractic Continuing Education Program is fully flexible, completely online, and very cost effective (priced at just $15 per CPD Formal Learning Hour). All these advantages should be a sufficient to convince how amazing this program can be in transforming your paediatric knowledge and skills. All you need to do now is register.

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